Samsung iPad mini no more supply

Samsung will not appear in iPadmini supply list. cheap oakley sunglasses
.Because there has been conflict between Samsung and Apple, and other flat-panel makers such as AU Optronics, sharp will benefit. It is worth noting the mainland manufacturers shenchao optoelectronics are also likely to iPadmini supply list. NPDDisplaySearch Vice President, greater China, on Thursday, daweixie said, "the Taiwan groups create and continental deep ultra optical product compliance certificates will receive an Apple, which could provide iPadmini with touch panel. ?cheap eyeglasses
Earlier this week, head of AU Optronics Panel said the company this year focus on Smartphones and Tablet PCs, particularly 7-inch Panel production. AU Optronics since 2008, began to provide screens for the iPad. China's Taiwan company is developing touch-on display technology. This technology will enable Apple to ease the iPhone5 now due to some problems arising from in-cell screen.oakley outlet
While science and technology news network learned that Apple has not yet been submitted, and the future is not iPadmini to the Samsung screen inquiry. Apple will instead choose LG, sharp, Japan display, AU Optronics manufacturers system. Although both Samsung and Apple in court, the company started a heated confrontation. But in fact, Apple's best-selling product is dependent on Samsung components. Samsung has developed into a strong competitor for Apple, Apple is trying to distract them from vendors, so as not to subject to the competitors.glassespop

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