Twitter to expand scope of advertising

Twitter can display ads based on users read the content, now intends to expand the scope of the company, according to published information, accurate advertising in the timeline presented in the information flow. According to this model, when a user posted a article about the United States play the game on the right message, could soon be seen in the information flow from the HBO ads. Not only so, advertisers also can according to user's reply, forwarding, collection of accurate advertising sends a message. Because most of the users are "much less written", so the latter model is oakleys
Kaiwen·weier Twitter advertising Executive (Kevin Weil) that the company will be able to use "negative emotion filter" messages to monitor users. So that when a user expresses a company after the anger will not see advertising of the company. But the key aspect of the matter is that Twitter is trying to sell to advertisers call "intended to signal". Are By virtue of the "intention" of such a mysterious signal that makes Google became a large enterprise: advertisers can users enter keywords in the search box to see what users are looking oakley sunglasses
And many online advertising company performance was modest, as the result of a lack of "intends to signal". Some interest in an attempt to guess the user based on user access Web site--it is common "redirect" technology--but overall, there is a lot of groping. If Twitter really signal to show advertisers intent, will become an important business. If the business is successful, Twitter the next few months there will be more action-and ultimately lead to Twitter's IPO (initial public offering). But insiders also pointed out that many people will not go shopping on Twitter to disclose their intentions, it is difficult to achieve effects like Google.oakley outlet

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