Google goggles trial report

Use Google Glass Photo number increased significantly. Compared to the camera and a portable terminal, Google Glass "picture" threshold seems to be much lower. If the camera is usually cheap oakley sunglasses
(or portable terminals), when users want to take oakley sunglasses sale
pictures, you must first "took out the camera from the bag or Pocket," "press the power key to turn", and then "focus," "Shutter". This preparation process is somewhat cumbersome and, in relation to the author, if not urgent, don't "take a picture". Moreover, even when he wanted to take pictures of the scene, are often missed in the process of preparing your camera shutter opportunity. In contrast, Google Glass is at the eye on the shelves of a camera around, just when you want to make pictures, and no order oakley sunglasses cheap
"OK Glass,take a picture" the voice instructions. Google Glass is equipped with a physical shutter key, press was photographed, press and start recording video. Shoot photos and video can be connected to the PC, simply enter, delete operation is complete, and can also cheap oakleys
be automatically uploaded to Google+. State is only normally visible, but can be easily achieved through the Google Glass with your friends or "circle" shares. Google Glass out of the cheap oakley sunglasses
middle of the screen, but slightly above, users to look up the projected image on the screen. We have developed a habit of display and the camera at the same angle, so unconsciously adjust the subject screen alignment.

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